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fallfiftyfeet - Anything That Can Go Wrong... (Official Video)

fallfiftyfeet - Anything That Can Go Wrong... (Official Video)

PRE-ORDER 'Twisted World Perspective' NOW Merch & Exclusive Vinyl: Vinyl: Tape: CD: Socials: Filmed & edited by Stone Fenk Directed by James Becca LYRICS: You won’t know What hit you It’s gonna knock you on the ground You saw it coming Mouth sewn shut Stare in opposite directions Ears at attention You dealt me My own trick card And I find it hard To believe This was all just an accident But I know it was ‘Cause that's what I am But it doesn't relieve The pain of what you've done to me So tread lightly Just give me one more reason to stay And I'll go away You won't know You saw it coming What hit you Mouth sewn shut It's gonna knock you on the ground Sincere flattery Stare in opposite directions I'll sweep you off your feet Ears at attention And leave you begging for more from me Now you sulk in bed With regrets once again She eats it all up Your heroine But you say, "Despite the baggage I carry She's worth the pain That will never escape me" A delayed overreaction Perpetuated by my inhibitions Simple addition and subtraction Adding to the negatives Leading to our fission Nuclear fission Doors closing in my face I was right behind But couldn't keep the pace My legs go numb Collapse to the pavement As my mind caves in Who do you think you're saving? It's not redemption I'm awaiting Awaiting… Awaiting Tragic goodbyes Under less than ideal circumstances I’m sorry Sorry I fixed myself for someone else Rip it off and start again I wish I believed in an end I see this world through morbid eyes Because everyone I love will surely die Video directed by James Becca & Stone Fenk. Edited by Stone Fenk.
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