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Stone Fenk


I am a creative director with a range of creative disciplines. With over 10 years of photo experience, 5 years of video, 3 years of magazine work, and 6 years of touring experience, and a degree in Graphic Design, I have the expertise to create compelling visuals for any project. 

Do not message me with offers less than $100 per service. If you want photo and video, expect to pay for both services separately. It takes different settings to do different work, if I'm switching from Photo to Video settings, I am wasting time I could be shooting. If we're doing two separate cameras to avoid wasting time, we're bringing in another $2,000 of gear. It DOES make a difference, I will not be doing two for the price of one. Thank you for your support. 

Thank you for reaching out :)

  • Promotional

    1 hr

    Starting at $400
  • Music Videos

    1 hr

    Starting at $600
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