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Stone Fenk




Pittsburgh, PA


Associate in Graphic Design

hahaha lol 


I started taking pictures of the local music scene in 2014, and fell in love with the connection between the artists and fans. It became less about photographing a show for me, and photographing what that fan sees, how they glorify an artist in their mind, and replicating that in images. I realized along the way that this is a prime way for the artist to connect with the fans via social media, the artist posting WITH the fans, sharing the same moment.


As my work started to progress and I found myself working directly for artists, providing them with the content they need. I now spend most of my time working for national & regional artists, in terms of photo and video. The pandemic has brought a necessary "work from home" aspect to my work, which has been incredible for music videos. They're perfect remote work, mostly but the photos are missed. As tours are coming back, I've gotten some throughout the end of the 2021 year.

okay i'll revisit this at some point, don't get an impression of me based on this. This a MESS.. but i am also a mess so yolo. 

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